As a new year dawns, I am poised to become one of the most known, respected, and wealthy people throughout history . . . well, in this century at least.  It's only a matter of time.  Something about that troubles me.  You see, nothing about me at this moment will change in the future.  The only thing that will change is who recognizes my value.  One person will catch on, and then a few more, and then many.  Granted, I will get better at presenting my value, but while becoming more "polished" certainly helps attract attention, "polish" ultimately only brightens what is already there.  It is useless in and of itself.  The nature of people being what it is, when that “polish” wears off, the recognition goes with it.

My point is: I won't become more valuable; my value was inherent in me from my beginning, just as value was inherent in everyone of you from your beginnings.  My value also will not subside should I begin to stop “trending;” my value is peaked at all times regardless, as is yours, simply by virtue of the fact that we exist, and we exist uniquely.  Even if that uniqueness is minuscule, it’s none-the-less individually ours and ours alone.

As an aside, I would ask that you never forget that about yourself, your family, your friends, your lovers, your neighbors, the people you pass on the street, those you interact with digitally, or those you don't even realize exist on the other side of the globe. 

What troubles me about the future is an altogether sad truth underpinning the matter: for far too many people, this message won't have any real significance unless they know who I am or at the very least what I have done.  To them, I’m nothing without the “polish.”  Only after my assertions can be verified against this country’s deeply ingrained valuation paradigm will this message have meaning.

Think about that.

Hoping to be forever,


Attention: World